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1 - ACCEPTANCE: Once have the intention to create an account in the NEENBO App, it implies to the acceptance of their Terms and conditions for use, also, being bound by the rules established in the Terms, as well as in the knowledge of the Privacy and Security Policy.
By accessing the Application and beginning your digital journey, you must be aware of the existence of these Terms. And, when you start using the services, you adhere to the established Conditions of Use, and must respect the rights of Users and the Application interface. If you do not agree with these Terms, you have the option of not using the services made available on the NEENBO Application.
2 - CONDITIONS FOR OPENING AN ACCOUNT: To create an account the user must be above of 18 years old and declare that:
(a) Has civilian capacity to accept the General Terms of Condition and Use;
(b) That you will comply with the rules in these Terms and the established Privacy Policy;
(c) Is not liable for the crime of sexual abuse or harassment or gender or domestic violence;
(d) That pursuant to item I of article 7 of the General Data Protection Law of Brazil, the User consents to the provision of personal data and image, if applicable, for the use of the services provided by this application.
3 - APPLICATION RULES: In choosing to use the services of the NEENBO App, you agree NOT to:
• Use the services for purposes unlawful or prohibited by these Terms;
• Use the services, images or information in the application obtained for harmful and or dishonest purposes;
• Defame, bribe, intimidate, or defraud a member;
• To assault, mistreat and harass members, either by any means;
• Publish someone else's images without permission;
• Publish content that infringes on anyone's rights, be it personality rights, as well as brands, intellectual property and copyrights;
• Publish any content that is hateful, threatening and or that instigates violence;
• Publish any content that promotes racism, fanaticism, homophobia or gender violence;
• Publish any sexually explicit content that contains nudity or that promotes pornographic content;
• Request passwords or registration and or personal information, whether for any commercial or illegal purposes;
• Disclose personal information and photos of other members without their permission;
• Maintain more than one account;
• Use another member's account or create another account with someone else's data;
• Use the services of this application to harm you;
• Stealing data and or violating the application's security systems;
• Violate any rule of the Terms and or the Privacy and Security Policy.
3.1 - APPLICABLE PENALTIES: In the event of any of the foregoing hypotheses or any act, expression, content contrary to the law, the NEENBO App may warn or suspend, cancel the offending member's account temporarily or definitively and complicit without prior notice and without return of any service or product purchased through the application. It may allow the investigation of crimes and share data or information with the authorities responsible and competent for the investigation of crimes or breaches of the Law.
4 - MEMBER CONTENT: Since the contents and conduct described at item above are prohibited, as well any other conduct and / or content contrary to the Law and inappropriate to the purposes of the application, the NENBOO App declares that it is not responsible for the content published by its members, with respect to veracity, legitimacy and suitability, this being the exclusive responsibility of those who publish them.
If you come across any content that violates the rules in these Terms and / or the established Privacy and Security Policy, please report it on this app's reporting and communication channel.
5 - RIGHT TO IMAGE: The User, at his/her own choice, in his/her account protected by login and password created by him/her, may upload personal images and videos, under free consent, in his/her own account, being allowed to removal of the image and/or video at any time, making you solely responsible for the content and the impact generated in the application environment.
The personal image will be protected by copyright and image rights, as well as the User, owner of the account where the image and video were made available, is exclusively responsible for collecting authorization for the use of the image of third parties that are in the photos and/or on the videos made available on your account.
The User will also be solely responsible for respecting the copyright of the photographs made available on his account. In case of any infringement, violation of image rights and copyrights, the infringing User's account may be immediately suspended, including the suspension of rights linked to the account, without the need for prior notification.
6 - DISCLAIMER OF LIABILITY: Due to the purpose of the service offered by the NEENBO App, it is impossible to provide guarantees regarding the content expressed by the members, the photos posted and the veracity of the information between its members exchanged.
For this reason, NEENBO, representatives and licensees are exempt from any express or implicit responsibility for any content that any user or third party publishes, shares, sends or receives through the means of the application, as well as for the loss of data.
7 - OPERABILITY: The application may experience updates and present short operational problems. If the user experiences any operational difficulties or system failures, he / she can contact the App's communication channel and report the problem.
8 - PURCHASE OF PRODUCTS AND SERVICES: If you choose to make an in-app purchase, you will have to confirm your purchase with the applicable payment provider, and you will be charged according to your payment method (card or medium belonging to such as Google Play or iTunes) (your “Payment Method”) in the prices assigned to the service (s) you have selected, as well as any similar sales or taxes that may apply to your payments.
The purchase option authorizes the charge for services or products. If the user purchases a periodic automatic renewal subscription through an in-app purchase, their Payment method will be charged continuously for the subscription until they cancel it. After the initial subscription commitment period, and again after any subsequent subscription period, your subscription will automatically continue for an additional equivalent period, at the price the member agreed to when signing.
Refunds: Charges for purchases are non-refundable and there are no refunds or credits for partially used periods.
9 - RESOLUTION OF PROBLEMS AND EVENTUAL RESPONSIBILITIES: The parties, members, users by these Terms declare that for the resolution of any conflict they must first seek the extrajudicial way, the arbitration for later, exhausted the possibilities of resolution by these means, will be applicable appeal to the Judiciary.
9.1 - APPLICABLE LEGISLATION: Civil and / or criminal law where the application is based or registered will be applicable.
9.2 - COMPETENT JURISDICTION: All claims and legal disputes must be directed to the São Paulo State Court, the members have to renouncing the judicial litigation by any other Court.